Security products and Equipment

Bureau Securitas, through its strategic and regional relationships with selected equipment manufacturers across a wide range of products and countries, can provide a variety of state of the art security products and services that enhance our ability to provide total security and risk solutions.

Our products include:
Body Scanner | Bureau Securitas
Body Scanner / Detailed Security-based Software


  • X-ray scanning machines for various applications such as mail, personnel, vehicles and containers
  • Radio active material detection
  • Milliwave passive body scanners
  • GPS tagging
  • Short and Long distance passive screening systems
  • Metal Detection systems
  • Terahertz imaging systems


Military Vehicles | Bureau Securitas
  • Vehicle and Personnel Tracking systems
  • RFID systems for asset tracking and identification


  • Military vehicles, new or reconditioned
  • Security vehicles, to level B7 ballistic protection
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction vehicles and equipment

Ballistic Protective Clothing

  • Wide range of ballistic jackets and helmets using the latest materials
    such as Aramid, Dyneema.

Military & Security non offensive equipment

Police | Bureau Securitas
  • Uniforms
  • Tropical protective clothing
  • Cold weather protective clothing
  • Boots for all applications
  • Webbing equipment to any design
  • Miscellaneous personal equipment items
  • Riot Gear
  • Binoculars
  • NVG (Night Vision Equipment)
  • Police equipment
  • Etc..

Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment and Security | Bureau Securitas
  • Radar systems, both military and commercial applications
  • Communication systems, both military, commercial and civil defence
  • Mobile ELINT systems
  • Electro-Optic Equipment systems
  • City Traffic/ Vehicle Control systems
  • Airborne, Shipborne and Ground based IFF systems with secure mode
  • Network security products
  • Anti terrorism equipment systems
  • Software solutions


  • Patrol Boats, military, police, customs, special forces etc.