Bureau Securitas - Our Management Team

Robert Hudson

: Managing Director

Robert Hudson served as a commissioned officer in the Royal Marines for 10 years and saw active service in Aden and Oman. During the Dhofar war he commanded the Sultan of Oman�s Coastal Patrol as well as serving as a Company Commander in The Northern Frontier Regiment. He qualified for Special Boat Service and commanded an operational unit.
With experience gained in the Merchant Navy and Royal Marines he has been involved at senior executive levels in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry over a period of 20 years. Principally involved in Sub Sea Construction, Diving Vessel management and manned and unmanned submersible operations. In 1995 he was a founder member of a deep water cargo recovery and salvage company and planned and managed the worlds deepest bulk cargo recovery at 3,800 metres.
Since 2003 he has been active as a maritime and general security consultant to clients operating in hostile environments. He has developed considerable commercial experience in military and security equipment sourcing and procurement.
More recently Robert Hudson has been Country Manager for a British Security company operating in Baghdad and Kabul.
He was involved as a maritime consultant with Hart Security for the IMO ISPS legislation implementation on the world wide Merchant marine fleet and latterly as Project Manager for Hart in Basra providing security services and advice to US clients during reconstruction activities.
Hudson contributes many years of executive experience in challenging military, maritime, commercial and security roles.

Non-Executive Directors & Advisors

Brigadier Aldwin Wight

, OBE, MC (retd.)
Brigadier Aldwin Wight is the Chairman of Arlington, having formerly been the Deputy CEO of Kroll Security International, focusing on Business Development.
Aldwin served in the British Army for twenty two years, predominantly as an officer in the Special Air Service (SAS), which he commanded in the early 1990s. During his time in Special Forces he saw operational service in many parts of the world, including the Falklands conflict; for his service there he was awarded the Military Cross. He later devised and oversaw UK military anti-narcotics policy for support to the government of Colombia. As the SAS Commanding officer he was responsible for the Regiment on its first ever deployment in support of the UN - the opening up of the Muslim pockets in Bosnia in 1994. He received the OBE in 1995.
Away from Special Forces, he served as Chief of Staff of Britain's only airborne brigade, and was both a student and an instructor at the Army Staff College. He held a number of other high profile staff appointments, including Deputy Chief of Staff Special Forces during the Gulf War, Military Assistant to the General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland and Colonel Planning Staff - a post responsible to the Commanders-in-Chief for all the UK's military contingency plans.
After leaving the British Army in 1997, Aldwin commanded the Sultan of Oman�s Special Force as an Omani Brigadier. He devised and implemented a five-year plan, which achieved a complete regeneration of the two thousand man force. He was present on the National Security Council of Oman for all security and counter-terrorist issues. As such, his understanding of Middle-Eastern affairs is profound. He was awarded the Military Order of Oman in 2001.

Kevin O'Brien

Regional Director Head, Asset Recovery and Anti-money laundering

Mr.O�Brien has a BA in Political Science (International Affairs/Russian) a BS in Natural Sciences (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry), a MA in French, and a MPA (public administration).

Prior to his leaving the United States Department of Justice in Washington D.C., he was responsible for directing the Department's 36 International Investigative offices located in US Embassies and Consulates from London to New Delhi,having managed over 400 special agents/criminal investigators.

In addition to the above, during his career with the Justice Department, Mr. O'Brien served in the following positions:; Special Agent In Charge American Consulate, Nice/Marseilles, France; Senior Special Agent, American Embassy Paris. Numerous additional long term undercover assignments ranging from 3 months to a year in France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Argentina, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. Mr. O'Brien has extensive investigative expertise in international criminal investigations, undercover operations, intelligence collection, and risk assessment. He also has experience in: stolen art investigations for which he was commended (Medal of Honor) on two occasions by the French Government); He has been an instructor at the FBI Academy, the State Department, the CIA training schools, numerous American State Police Academies, and foreign police academies, teaching police officers and agents both in the United States and overseas.

Mr. O'Brien has represented the United States Government at the United Nations in Geneva during International Conferences, and has testified at Congressional hearings on international criminal investigations. He was an advisor to the Office of the White House Drug Abuse Council regarding investigative programs being conducted in foreign countries, and was his agencies representative for two years on the National Security Council under President Clinton.

Mike Moran,
Head Surveillance and Counter Electronic Measures

Mr. Moran brings to the team more than twenty five years of intelligence, covert surveillance, counter electronic surveillance and secure communications experience. The first fifteen years of his service was with the elite Parachute Regiment of Her Majesty�s Forces, primarily on Intelligence duties. Subsequently he was selected to join the SAS where he honed his skills in the Military Intelligence Unit and prior to his taking early retirement from the Army, he was Instructor to UK Special Forces in Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and CMOI. Mr. Moran is the founding director of the British Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute and has carried out assignments for members of the British and Middle Eastern Royal families, the UN in Mozambique, the EUMM in Serbia, the International Court of Justice in The Hague and a variety of private corporations.

Colonel Alberto Nencha

Colonel Nencha retired as the Head of International Operations of the Guardia di Finanza, having been involved in anti-terrorist, counter insurgency, anti-narcotics and anti human trafficking operations in the Balkans and Northern Africa. He has substantial experience in post conflict reconstruction projects, capacity building and training, as well as UN operations, having been involved in the setting up of Guardia di Finanza operations in Romania and Albania. Colonel Nencha is an advisor to Bureau Securitas and to the British Borneo Group.

Michael J Halligan


Mr. Michael Halligan served in the British Army for nine years. He served in the Special Air Service (SAS) from 1982-1989. Mr. Halligan also served for another nine years at the Merseyside Police force. His career continued as Training and Development Manager for Special Projects Security up until 2002. Mr. Halligan has since become company chairman for Controlled Solutions Group and has been involved in consultation services in the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Korean and Japanese Football Associations, Tunisian and Libyan Football Associations. Mr. Halligan was in 2007 appointed as Project Manager and Chief Instructor for the ICC Cricket World Cup.